SMAT is now Open Measures! Read more about our rebrand here.


We democratize tools that identify online extremism and defend against offline harm.

The web needs cooperative, transparent tools to uncover online disinformation and extremism. 

Open source: Built with intention, our public platform is designed to be free, accessible, and open to all.

Robust: The world of alt networks is constantly growing. That means researchers need solutions that grow with it. Open Measures is an expansive platform and feature set that is up to the task.

Integrated: Modern threat intelligence operations requires systems to speak to one another. Teams can bring their own in-house dashboards and plug in the Open Measures API to augment ongoing investigations.

Our tools are designed to help journalists, researchers, and threat intelligence teams investigate harmful trends such as targeted hate campaigns and disinformation tactics.

We built an open-source platform for public use. Click the link below to get started on your first visualization.